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Burn Permit Application

This form is an application to request a burn permit. It is not permission to burn. Once you receive an Official Burn Permit with the Fire Chief's signature, permission to burn will be granted.

The permit is valid for 3 weeks and only for the dates specified. In accordance with the Ontario Fire Code Ontario Regulation 388/97 subsection


  1. Pile must be kept small while burning
  2. Fire must be supervised at all times
  3. Burning is limited to between daylight and dusk. Fire must be extinguised by dark
  4. Burning is limited to the location on permit
  5. Weather conditions must be favourable for burning to be permitted
  6. Fire Dispatch must be notified prior to starting
  7. Extinguishing equipment must be at fire location
  8. Advise your neighbours - complaints may terminate the permit
  9. Any contraventions will terminate the permit - fee for service is min. $500

It is the understanding of the Municipality that the bearer of the permit is liable for any or all damage resulting from open burning.

Prior to burning, you are requried to call Fire Dispatch every time to activate the permit at 1-800-511-9911